Be Prepared For Culture Shock In Utah

For most people, Mormons are people they may have heard of in history books. Maybe they have come across one or two within a couple decades of life. Though something of a curiosity for the majority of the population, in Utah they are the majority of the population.

It is both religion and a way of life, as anyone who steps into their world finds out quickly. Large families, Church of Latter Day Saints, and everything valuing the family life will all take the center stage. They do not drink alcohol or coffee, which is one surprise that most will find early on when meeting them.

While you may feel out of place, they will just as well all assume that you are, well, just like them –a lifelong Utah resident and a Mormon. If you are from the South, you may already be used to seeing as many churches. In Utah, churches are everywhere.

It’s a Mormon’s job to proselytize, and they may just convert you. At least they will try to, anyhow. They mean well and will continue to share all they can about being Mormon. Yes, they do have good intentions, and they do want you to become Mormon.

Be aware that in the world of Utah, especially as you venture outside of the major city, Salt Lake City, you will meet even more and more Mormons. Nah, that’s not really true.

As it turns out Utah County is the cradle of everything Mormon. It is where Brigham Young University is, and where the future missionaries all come to become missionaries. If it seems like everyone is a Mormon, it is because for the most part, they are.

It’s even a bit more Mormon than the LDS elsewhere in the rest of the country. It’s probably because LDS is so deeply rooted in Utah County, and has been for so long. In addition, do not forget who in a sense founded that part of the United States. Yes, the Mormon community.

While it can be a bit of an adjustment, even for a Mormon from elsewhere, it is their own bit comfort, security, and belonging in a world that outside of Utah and Utah County is so very diversified and different. While you enjoy and learn to appreciate all of the majestic beauty of Utah, also embrace the very friendly and sincere faces of the Mormon community.