Do You Have A Paneled Apartment? Learn How To Decorate It

Getting paneled apartment for rent does not mean that you have to compromise your styling sense as well. Paint, definitely, is your best option when you have to transform a poor quality, dingy paneling, however it’s a verboten solution for most of the tenants. But you can make the paneling in the apartment work, even without a couple of semigloss coats, using some decorating tricks which may not require you to sacrifice the security deposit you have paid.

You should first determine that whether the paneling in your Winston salem apartments is glorified pressboard or real wood. Only a touch would be enough for telling this normally. Usually tongue & groove paneling is real deal. It’s interlocking boards that are milled off some softwood like fir or pine and are almost 3-4 inches in thickness, 3 ½ – 8 inches in width and 6-12 ft in length.  Hardboard or sheet paneling is either some composition board which is covered with photorealistic wood grain image or thin real-wood veneer, or it may be thin plywood which is embossed with the hardwood grain. Make sure to check top or seams or bottom edges for checking any layers that may be present in material as this way you’ll exactly be able to know what you have to deal with.

Thoroughly dust the paneling and clean it using commercial grade wood cleaner, such as oil soap, with the help of wrung-out sponge. If you recondition the wood paneling using furniture wax or oil then it will get luster making it more of a feature instead of just an eyesore. When dusting, polishing or cleaning, make sure to work from top to bottom.

Use some fabric stretched on wooden frames for covering the paneling now; or you can also use fabric hung from the poles of the drapery installed along paneling’s top.

Now hang some arrangement of artwork and mirrors positioning the furniture in a way that it deemphasizes the paneling. Big framed posters as well as furniture pieces like wardrobes or bookcases can also cover up the expanses of the paneling. Use studfinder appropriately and secure the big pieces just to the studs where they’ll be supported well; there are paneling which can be directly mounted to the studs and has the capacity of holding heavy objects which aren’t attached to studs.

Now you can adapt a design style of your own for working with paneling in your rental apartment. Sleek, light-colored modern furnishings, big are rug as well as punches of the bright color combined with pattern in the accessories can all work together to offer contrast for balancing that rustic effect produced by wood; or you can use plaid pillows, antler accessories, rugs in Navajo style and leather furnishings as well to get a modern comfortable lodge look.

These are some of the options you can try when you have to deal with a paneled apartment and want to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your apartment rental.