How you can Improve Your Apartment’s Security?

Whether you have an apartment of your own or you rent some of the Winston salem apartments, it’s important that you feel secure when in your abode. However, renters are often restricted to the safety measures which don’t alter the construction permanently or stop landlord from entering the units. Ideally, the landlord will be willing to work with you for creating a safe premise. You are, however, fortunate that there are different safety initiatives that you can be able to take by yourself if the landlord doesn’t agree with your safety requirements.

When you are looking around for the apartments for rent, make sure that you talk to your potential landlord about whether the locks are being changed after a tenant leaves the unit or not. This allows you to make sure that previous tenants are prevented from getting into the apartment and nobody else does too. The doors should be kept locked no matter if you’re home or away – doors should be locked as you leave, even if you’re just going out for checking your mail. In case if the deadbolts are not installed already, ask the landlord to do it for you. Having chain locks isn’t just sufficient to have your apartment fully secured.

Make sure that you are friendly with the apartment neighbors and develop a healthy relationship with the ones living next door while making sure that you aren’t intrusive at all. Sense of camaraderie and friendship among the neighbors proves to be helpful in noticing and reporting any kind of suspicious activity going on in or outside the apartment. If you know your neighbors well, you will also be able to know that who belongs to the building and who doesn’t, catching potentially suspicious people easily.

There are certain advices that can be quite helpful and are too common as well. Though they are simple, yet they prove to be quite effective, and are normally overlooked as well. Make sure that any spare keys aren’t hidden outside the apartment. Bad guys normally know where they need to look out and can be able to discover the hidden keys easily. The indoor lights need to be put on the timer when you will not be getting home or for avoiding it to come home and finding it dark all around the apartment. Doors should never be left unlocked with some note for your friend that the door isn’t closed and you’ll get back in the evening or in few hours.

Some of the rented apartments offer small storage space to the tenants in some common area or the basement. Usually these areas for storage are made using chain-link fencing or wooden slats and anyone can easily see through them. Make sure that all your items are properly covered so that nobody finds out what’s in the storage locker of yours.