What You Can Do For Adding Extra Security in Your Apartment

When you are going to rent an apartment you aren’t normally allowed to change the locks of the doors or install a new security system of your own. However, some simple things are there that can be done for making your rental apartment far more secure.

The first thing you should do in this regard is to add new alarms to the windows and doors of your apartment. Stick-on alarms can be purchased for this purpose. There are normally two parts of the alarm. One part is stuck to door while the other goes to the frame. As soon as someone opens the doors, the two parts get separated and the alarm is set off. On/Off switch is present on the alarms allowing you to turn off the alarm when you’re entering or leaving the apartment so that it may not start sounding. Ensure that the alarms are positioned securely on the doors of your apartment because they’ll even start to sound if adhesive fails letting them to fall off.

Wooden rods can be used effectively for securing the windows of your Winston salem apartments. The space available above the bottom window should be measured and the wooden rod should be cut to that exact length. This rod can then be placed between bottom window and window frame so that the window can be made safe and secure keeping it shut.

It is also a good idea to invest in the door-jam rod which can be helpful in adding to the security of any apartment. You can use such rods for the front door of the apartment or even for your apartment bedroom as well. Such a rod helps in bracing your apartment’s door making sure that people cannot be able to enter the apartment even if the door is unlocked by them somehow. The rod’s top slides under door knob while its bottom stays on floor making an angle. The rod needs to be kicked into place for adding pressure between floor and the knob.

Besides adding these supplementary security features for enhancing the safety of your unit, you should also dig in when you are looking for an apartment to rent. Ask what kind of security features are available in the apartment that you are going to rent. Also ask what safety arrangements have been made in and around the building. Proper lighting needs to be there, some security guard needs to be present at the door of the apartment complex to ensure only authorized people are allowed to visit the apartments, surveillance cameras should be there that must be linked to the central monitoring room to ensure better safety of the residents of the apartments in Winston salem. Once you are fully satisfied with the security measures taken for making it safe for the residents, only then you should think about signing the lease.